The Female Barefootedness

I love the fact that women, in general, enjoy to stay barefoot -- more or less subconsciously. This is what I call the "female barefootedness". The well-known, typically female passion for shoes, moreover, is one more clue suggesting that women attach a kind of importance to their lower extremities.


My site and my intents can be summarized in the following keywords:

  1. beautiful, barefoot women and female barefootedness
  2. good taste
  3. no minors!

Author's Profile

I have had this passion for barefoot girls since I was much younger, and only in 1996 I discovered (thanks to the Internet) that there were lots of other people with a similar interest!

If you are interested in exchanging thoughts about this subject, feel free to drop me a line!

iftlover (Italian Foot Lover)
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Northern Italy, 35-40
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