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A careful selection of pictures from the Net depicting barefoot women and sexy female feet (pic credit: BellaDaSemana).
Meet our 60+ amateur Models. Want to show off your own feet? See how to become a Model.
A blog will be made available again, with thoughts on female bare feet ;-)
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A classy site about the beauty of female bare feet. For every girl.

Warning: the Site may contain material not suitable for minors. By browsing this Site, you agree that you are of legal age and that pictures of female feet and occasional softcore nudity do not offend you. Otherwise, please leave now.

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Latest news

Happy new year!

Friday, 30 December 2016

I hope you'll enjoy the new pictures of barefoot models that I posted (preview below). Happy new year to everyone!


New site!!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Welcome to the new Site! I hope you'll like it: happy browsing! I'll add new pics soon as well.



You will find here pictures of beautiful or good-looking women. Because we love beauty in general and we do not focus on the feet only.


Also, you will find pictures of barefoot women, occasionally wearing sexy high-heels, but no pantyhose or stockings. Because we love the beauty of bare feet.


And finally, this site is all about girls and young women. Never ever will we show male feet. If you are interested in them or in mature women, please search for other sites.

What you say about Barefoot Girls

You did a great classy website. I found I like pretty feet attached to attractive women (like my wife). You have provided a gallery that really was needed. Thanks!
This site is awesome. Great job man! I especially liked that your site is about good taste and that it doesn't have any p0rn :-) Good luck!
I have just been looking at this website and it is just so wonderful and so full of interesting information, I just cannot get enough of it, as I think a girl looks really sexy in her bare feet.
I love your site with all the beautiful girls' feet. It would be nice to see more of the models actually walking barefoot, as the soles in their natural movement seem to me even more exciting.
Congratulations on keeping up this beautiful site!


This free site is about celebrating the enhanced beauty of barefoot women. It is not a fetish site.

Note: unlike many other site, here good taste is mandatory and bare feet are not an excuse to show gratuitous nudity.