The… feet??

I am iftlover (Italian Foot Lover, he/him) and I think that beautiful female bare feet are extremely sexy: not only are they beautifully shaped and attractive, but they also add something special to the natural beauty of a woman.


This free site is dedicated to female beauty, with a particular focus on bare feet and that special beauty and attractiveness they can trigger.

I strive to treat this subject with the good taste it deserves: in fact, many other websites use it only on the pretext of showing unjustified hardcore nudity, thus wrongly implying that a foot fetish is a hardcore practice. Well, surprise surprise, it is not!

In fact, through this site I would like to convey the message that having a foot fetish is perfectly normal, as I see that there is still some level of misconception around here.

Finally, and I cannot stress this enough, no minors are or will ever be involved here!


I started this project in late 1998 (duh!) with a website on Geocities (remember that? If so: “I was there, 3000 years ago…”), which I moved to its own domain in 2004. After many years of shared hosting, I decided to get my own server starting from 2019.

Through all these years I have been updating the site, with inevitable ups and downs: there is no fancy business or company behind, it’s just me doing this in my spare time, sharing this passion with other fellow female feet lovers.

The author

  • Nickname: iftlover (Italian Foot Lover)
  • Also known as: theposelover
  • Location & Age: Italy, 40-45
  • Occupation: R&D area
  • I have had this passion for barefoot girls since I was much younger, and only in 1996 I discovered (thanks to the Internet) that there were lots of other people with a similar interest! Sounds like your own experience?

Image credits: (Nuta Sorokina)