Kira's feet Hi there, I am sending you pictures of my pretty little feet. My shoe size is 36 (UK size 3) and I live in London, England.


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marcello74dgl1 (08.10.2013, 03:21)

Ciao Kira come stai? Vivo a Londra anch'io mi piacerebbe conoscerti e vedere i tuoi piedi se possibile grazie

Luca (27.10.2012, 03:13)

Delicious indeed.kisses to them

Tavo (25.06.2011, 22:57)

Ciao Kira, bellissimi piedi tutti da baciare e bellissimo anche il colore dello smalto.

Silver Gio (17.05.2011, 06:19)

what a beautiful, perfect, and so bewitching feet and toes you have, divine Kira...

valet de pieds (31.03.2011, 15:20)

hi kira:) lovely pictures:))))))))))

Qsy (31.03.2011, 13:52)

Oh Kira! Beautiful feet:))))))))))

Ringo (30.03.2011, 13:05)

your feet are so georgeous that i would flood their so lovely curves of thousand of tender kiss,divine Kira...

valet de pieds (30.03.2011, 07:08)

what a wonderfull feet and toes i'd like to kiss tenserly, divine Kira...

valet de pieds (29.03.2011, 14:04)

i love look up your so sublime feet and yourlovely red toes, divine Kira, stretch so sensualy that i would take them in my hand to kiss them....

valet de pieds (28.03.2011, 03:27)

Da svenire! un bacio a quelle meraviglie!vorrei leccarli, baciarli...

piedone78 (27.03.2011, 17:19)

Hi Kira:) Beautiful feet:))

Zyta (27.03.2011, 08:54)

what a so gorgeous sole, sublime Kira...

valet de pieds (27.03.2011, 05:25)

your feet are so sublime, divine Kira, that i can't stop looking up their radiant beauty...

valet de pieds (26.03.2011, 13:47)

Only you,Kira! :)))

Adam (26.03.2011, 10:49)

kiss on your so lovely toes, divine Kira

valet de pieds (25.03.2011, 04:37)

what a beautifull sole to kiss!!!

valet de pieds (24.03.2011, 04:50)

i vote kira

me10starr (23.03.2011, 14:03)

Hi Kira:)Love your feet:))

zuzanna (23.03.2011, 11:37)

i love your so sublime red varnished toes, divine Kira

valet de pieds (23.03.2011, 06:50)

Kira, amazing feet!!!

sven (23.03.2011, 06:24)


Anya (22.03.2011, 17:52)

wow... what a so beautifull soles and toes, sublime Kira

valet de pieds (21.03.2011, 05:57)

i am in love with your supreme soles

eztreme (21.03.2011, 05:47)

Kira, feet to kiss, wonderful!

Ala (19.03.2011, 18:09)

Beautiful feet, wow, lovely pictures!

Eliana (19.03.2011, 18:02)

nice!!!!!!!!Kira, wow!!!!!!!

edward (19.03.2011, 17:28)

Hi Kira, your feet, so thin and sexy. Love the red toe nails...mmmmmmm. :-)

Matt Pet (14.03.2011, 04:32)

Hi Kira, I imagine you are a thin and young girl.I found your feet very gentle and sexy.

Jan (12.03.2011, 12:08)

Baby Baby Baby, There's no competition...They look Super Saucy, Gorgeous and YUMMY !!!!! In the bag I'd say xxxx

Bigbadfooteater (10.03.2011, 18:21)

Il mio Benvenuta a Kira.... (I welcome you, Kira)

seawolf (09.03.2011, 16:21)

WOW...Perfect feet and toes! MORE pictures please...Thanks!

footguy07 (09.03.2011, 13:36)