This time I managed to update the site and write a post :) So go see the newly added pics in the Models and The Pose galleries!

Wow -- I posted my last news more than 8 months ago! Well, not that I didn't update the gallery in the meanwhile: I'm just a bit lazy writing posts you know :-) Speaking of which, I have just uploaded about 50 new pics in the Models and The Pose galleries, hope you enjoy!

50 new Pose and Models pictures in the Gallery!

I hope you'll enjoy the new pictures of barefoot models that I posted (preview below). Happy new year to everyone!

rose v by fionafoto d96o9rm perfetti 4204 by jessica beaumont dbjrsxp perfetti 4237 by jessica beaumont dbk5ewl park jeong yoon by skynaos dbm5qxj
perfetti 2623 by jessica beaumont dbc94mg      

Check The Pose out for new pics!

Welcome to the new Site! I hope you'll like it: happy browsing! I'll add new pics soon as well.